Body transformations
Our specialization is in body transformations.
The method in which we do it is Group Based personal training, giving you both the benefits of personalized sessions to help you transform and with the added benefit of training with like minded people.

This makes it more affordable, enjoyable, educational and very effective.
Not only will you get support in your gym training sessions but you will also get support and motivation outside of your gym sessions.

You will first need to book in for a body transformation session that lasts for 90 minutes so that we can:

• Get clear on your goals and see if this is right for you
• Lifestyle analysis
• Weight, Bodyfat, measurements and before pictures
• Sample training workout
• Motivation booster
• And all of your questions answered.

We do this to ensure you are a good fit for what we do and what is expected to
get the results that you want.
There are many time slots available for the group training and more are added
where required.

Rest assured that there is a time available to suit your schedule.

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